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So you might be asking, what do we mean by #myclosetgivesback?

It is honestly the foundation of who we are. We want better for everything we do. WHY? ‘cause we can!!

Every time you shop we donate a percentage of the sale to a good cause in your honor. Your package will arrive in eco-friendly packaging with a special little gift for you.

You have probably see this “glittered” into our posts on Social Media but we are NOT messing around here. We want to be your go to shop while doing things BETTER. WHY? Because we can!

By July 1st 2019 you can expect your order to arrive in a ZERO Waste packaging. SERIOUS, you can literally throw your entire package ( ok, not that cute new outfit) into your compost. I promise, the packaging itself is totally worth the purchase- such a treat!

So just to recap: Your $ will go to a good cause to help PEOPLE & your packaging with go back to help the EARTH!

Does it get any freakin’ better? NOPE!


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