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#MYCLOSETGIVESBACK – in many ways. Emma & Evey is committed to thoughtful products, packaging and giving back to our community. All of our packaging is well thought through, re-usable and sustainable. Did you know that our pack-ins grow into wild flowers????

What goes into our packaging is just as important. We have recently found better sourced products that are high-quality, long lasting and made with so much love! We collaborated with women from places like Bali and Mexico to design our newest products. We find women owned companies that helped with our t-shirts & packaging. We make our gorgeous bracelets in house with the highest quality materials.

Lastly, our community is bigger than our shoppers. We wanted to provide our shoppers with the opportunity to give to others without having to lift a finger on their end. We automatically donate a % every sale to a cause we care about!

Now we are taking it a step further & allowing you to do something too. We have a free mailer bag listed in our shop. It comes with a free label & a donation receipt. All you have to do is fill it & mail it.

Please make sure you tag us and use the #myclosetgivesback #emmaandevey so we can start our own powerful community together!