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Send Some Joy Project

Send Some Joy Project
Socially Distanced, Emotionally Connected


These are truly some wild times. We are all now well over a month into Shelter in Place. That means a month without friends, a month without our family. The other day a dear friend sent me a gift in the mail & I did the same for her too. It was such a JOY to receive something so thoughtful for no reason at all and it inspired me. Now we want to inspire best friends around the world to spread a little joy to their friends during this time.


Pick out one of our Everyday Bracelets ( or a few- they make an awesome stack)

Choose to customize or not. They look stunning either way!

Check out with FREE shipping- YAY!

We will do the rest- we will wrap it up with our Tiedye for Tumors custom wrapping ( another gift in itself) add a sweet note to your friends & it will arrive in their mailbox in a few days!



  • Make sure you put the shipping address in for the friend we are mailing to!
  • We suggest a max customization of 11 letters, make sure you put your customization in the order notes!
  • Include a sweet note so your bestie knows who sent it. Include in the order notes or feel free to send us an email with your order #.
  • We donate a % of your sale to a good cause!
  • Don’t forgot to order yourself one so you can virtually match your best friend one! Simply notate the additional shipping address.
  • Our EVERYDAY bracelet comes in a 3mm or 6mm bead. You can see the differences in the product description. They are awesome stacked together.
  • These are HIGH QUALITY and Tarnish free bracelets- long lasting like your friendship!